Minutes of Meetings      

Following Local Government protocol, the minutes of all  Parish Council meetings must be approved at the next meeting before they can be published.

After each meeting of the Parish Council,  the clerk or any councillor charged with specific responsibilities will take any necessary action and report back to the meeting

Anyone attending the meetings will be able to hear the minutes being discussed and Privacy of any matters that have arisen as a result of the Parish Councils earlier  actions or deliberations.

Once the minutes are agreed as a true record of the previous meeting,  the 'Clerk to the Parish Council is required to publish them.  Like the agenda, copies of the minutes are posted on notice boards around the village and on this site. Copies are also held in the library at High Melton College

The meetings are administered by the 'Clerk to the Parish Council  if you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact them via the clerk.






Present: Councillors: Johnson (Chair) Ashfield, Pick, Lawson. Four members of the public 

1.          Apologies: Councillor Srivastava, Ward Councillor Ransome

2.          Declarations of Interest: none declared

3.          Update and Further Action Regarding Sale of College Site; Members had attended a

               meeting with Councillor Joe Blackham arranged after his response to letter concerning

               issues relating to 360 Media‚Äôs purchase of the College Site. Councillor Blackham had agreed

                to supply information on: total acreage of the site and, on the grant application from 360   

                Degrees Media to Sheffield City Region. Clerk has sent email confirming these requests.

                Other issues were discussed at the meeting and these items will be on the agenda for the

                September Meeting.  

                Members discussed writing to Peter Dale.

                Resolution: No communication to be instigated on this matter until further information has  

                been collected and discussed.

                Resolution: Collection of information; Councillor Pick to research information on Sheffield   

                City Region grant to 360 Degrees Media, Councillor Lawson to check with Melvyn Roberts   

                asking if pre-planning discussions had taken place between DMBC and 360 Degrees Media,

                Councillor Johnson to re-establish contact with 360 Degrees Media. Action before next


4.          Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 19 September 2018 

                NB For Information only: Councillor Lawson reported that the appeal concerning

                application for Lagoon has now been withdrawn. 

31 August 2018 

Sue Trenerry

23 October 2017 

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