Minutes of Meetings      

Following Local Government protocol, the minutes of all  Parish Council meetings must be approved at the next meeting before they can be published.

After each meeting of the Parish Council,  the clerk or any councillor charged with specific responsibilities will take any necessary action and report back to the meeting

Anyone attending the meetings will be able to hear the minutes being discussed and Privacy of any matters that have arisen as a result of the Parish Councils earlier  actions or deliberations.

Once the minutes are agreed as a true record of the previous meeting,  the 'Clerk to the Parish Council is required to publish them.  Like the agenda, copies of the minutes are posted on notice boards around the village and on this site. Copies are also held in the library at High Melton College

The meetings are administered by the 'Clerk to the Parish Council  if you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact them via the clerk.

Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Parish Council meeting

 held on Tuesday 26th September  2017

In Attendence : Councillors; Johnson, Ashfield, Lawson, Srivastava. Four Members of the public

Apologies: Councillor Pick, Ward Councillor Ransome

Declaration of Interest: None given

Public Session: no issues

Update Church Lane: After some delay main offending tree branch now cut down by DMBC. However, the hedges were not trimmed at all and still pose a problem for access. There was a problem with access to the Church over Harvest Festival services. Councillor Johnson has contacted DMBC to be informed Officer was on holiday.

It was proposed that Councillor Johnson would follow up with DMBC and, if no satisfactory response is received, then the next step is to write to Officer’s Line Manager. Chief Executive and MP, Ed Miliband. Additionally, Fire and Ambulance Services to be contacted to provide their reports on access problems in the event of an emergency. Proposal accepted.

Discussed additional issue of access/lack of parking spaces once the College is sold. Implication is that clear access to Church and properties, via Church Lane, becomes crucial.

HS2 Environmental Impact Consultation: HS2 consulting on next stage of community consultation on environmental issues. Deadline for response is 29th September. Clerk and Councillor Johnson to devise response from existing material/information.

High Melton village is not currently classed as ‘safeguarded’ but this status could change. A question to ask residents is what they would like out of this development and what pots of money for community enhancement will be available. HS2 will set up Focus groups in local communities to ensure residents have opportunities to make their contributions and have their questions answered.

Proposed that a Working Group, of Councillors and residents be established to feed into any groups set up by HS2 and to keep rest of community involved in the issue. Proposal accepted.

Councillors Johnson and Ashfield volunteered their services to this group and also local residents: Sara Johnson, Rachel Smith and Sue Trenerry. Other residents will be invited to join the group. Terms of Reference will be established.

Date of Next Meeting:  Ordinary Meeting on 7 November 2017

Sue Trenerry

Parish Clerk

23 October 2017 

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